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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Summary of Bloody April, and How I'm NOT a Full-Time Pirate

So, I've now found out that I can not be a 'full-time' Pirate.  There was no doubt in my mind, really, that this was the case.  I knew that I was not made out for all-out PvP, constantly, every time that I undocked.  There is too much to do in EvE, and honestly, PvP takes a hell of a lot of effort, at least when it comes to solo and small-gang warfare.  After all, you have to actively hunt, track, and engage your targets, and even then there is no guarantee of an actual fight.  Being a full-time Pirate requires drive and motivation, and as the name of the Blog says, I am LAZY.  So that's that.

I had a great time, however.  April gave me the opportunity to try out many new ship hulls and fits, and to engage many targets that I knew that I'd lose to-including, at times, welping into the same Pilot, flying the same ship that I had died in to him knowing I would lose, two, three, four times in a row.  Why?  Because I felt like it, and since the endgame was to have fun, not really to get kills, it was a successful thing.  After all, there were a few occasions that I knew I'd lost before I engaged-and somehow I didn't lost after all.  That made it all worth it.

So, highlights.  These aren't blingy kills, and likely some people will say 'that's horrible!'.  They ae highlights to me not due to the quality of the kill, but for the story, basically, behind it.  I have more impressive kills, but they aren't the ones I remember, it's the fun ones that I do.

This is likely my favorite kill of the month.  Why?  Because it was hilariously fun.  We had Battle Crabs in the system thanks to my friend Nix, and we all got into one to kill this Venture-except for Marq, who on comms went 'Uhh, guys?  I can't fly one...'.  So, Velator!!!  The guy was cool with dying actually, we convoed him afterwards and had a nice chat.  Fun all around.

Only because I managed to get Crake.  That was nice.

What's this?  A loss as a highlight?  Yup.  This guy was at a Novice.  It was bait.  He had two Curses outside, which is why you always warp to Plex gates at 10km, so you can attempt to instantly hit the gate.  Even then, this was a long fight.  Long enough that since I wasn't used to using rockets, or having a fight last that long-most Frigate fights last less than a minute to a minute and a half-I burned out my Rockets.  Having never encountered this before, I didn't even think to un-group them and see if one or two launchers was still active.  Instead, I burned though a reload of MASB, ran out of those, and then slowly died.  Look at the damage, almost 11.5k in a frigate.  That fight was great.

So, final tally?  118 kills, 38 losses.  Not horrible, not great.  I had fun, and I found out some things about what I like to do, and what I don't like to do with my time in EvE.  Even if you aren't a PvP pilot (or even if you already are) I suggest that you get out of your comfort zone, fit up a few ships to blow up in that you typically don't fly, and try out something new.  There is so much to do it'd be a shame not to, and maybe, just maybe, you'll find something that you enjoy doing.


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  1. *As Star dusts off her unused Claw, she has a flicker of hope that there will be exploring now that Bloody April is over*