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Saturday, April 18, 2015

EvE-Meets, and the One-Hundred Kills

In a few hours I'm going to be heading off to an EvE-Meet.  It will be my 3rd one.  I've met Sugar Kyle before, along with many other great and incredibly interesting and fun people (NARWHALS!!!) at these Meets.  I cannot recommend highly enough for people, even for those who are socially awkward or shy, to go to these.  While it can quite honestly be intimidating at first, it is well worth it.  You can meet a ton of people that have the same interests as you, and I'm not just talking about EvE.  This time I'll get to meet Mynxee and Rixx Javix as well, so that will be absolutely great as well, and I'll get to catch up with my Alliance mate Grimmash too, always fun.  Hopefully it won't be too crazily insane inside the place, but if it is, I'm sure we'll still have a blast.  If anything massively interesting happens, I'm sure I'll post it here-honestly, even if there isn't, I'll probably still post something here, you know, *eventually.  Cause like the name says, well, LAZY.

So, Bloody April.  To be honest, I'm fairly well burnt out on PvP.  I can completely understand why people have to take breaks from solo-small gang PvP at times, and have even more respect for those that do it 'full-time'.  I can't be one of those people.  This is a reason I love my Alliance though.  I don't actually, typically, PvP constantly with Argos.  Name it, and I've probably at one point or another, tried it with Argos.  I get bored otherwise, if I do the same thing.  In the ABA we're allowed to play that way, even while being in a 'Pirate Corps', with no judgement or anything else.

That being said, I reached the 100th kill mark for the month today, even after slowing my pace considerably from the beginning of the month.  I've also had a crap ton of losses (35 I believe at last count).  Not the best record.  As I've previously stated in the blog, I've welped myself into fights I figured I couldn't win because of 'why not', dived into fighting the same person 3, 4, 5 times in a row after losing to them all of the previous times, and flat out tried to kill just about anything I came across.  Does this partially explain this?  Sure.  It also explains the Proteus in a large Plex that I tackled solo with my Tristan-with no one closer than about 27 jumps from me-that turned out to be Warp-Core Stabbed, because it ran away while under Scram.  From a T1 Frigate.  It explains the numerous ships I've used this month.  I haven't just used my Standard Tristan, or my Comet.  I've used Atrons, Breachers, Tormentors, Algosii, Jaguars and so many, many other ships.  It's been a blast finding new ways to fly different ships, and I really do think I should do this more often.  Who cares if I can max a certain ship-going into each engagement has been unique in and of itself, simply due to my at times misunderstanding on the optimal way to fly a ship is.  I had a Breacher loss that tanked almost 11.5k damage.  Yes, 11,500 raw damage, before it died to a Dramiel.  The only reason it died?  Because I'd never had an engagement that long, and I rarely fly missile ships-I burned out my Rockets.  To boot, I didn't even think about un-grouping my Launchers and seeing if I had any active.  DERP!  So with all of these new experiences, what do I think I've gotten out of this month, thus far?

Learning!  I think that's what draws me to EvE more than anything else.  There is always something new to do, new to see, new to try.  This, above anything else this month, is what I've gotten out of this month.  I encourage each and every one of you to get out of your comfort zone, to try your version of 'Bloody April' no matter what you do in EvE.  That doesn't necessarily mean PvP-just commit totally, 100% to something that you don't typically do full-time in game, go after it for a month, and see where it takes you.  You might be surprised where you end up, or what you learn.  I'd love to hear about what you do.  Good Luck!


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