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Friday, April 10, 2015

Bloody April, and the Freedom of Not Caring about Sec-Status

Heyo Folks! 

I haven't made a post on the Blog in some time.  Oop!  I'm not entirely sure why, though I do think that part of it is that I've decided to make April a special month of sorts for Argos.  He's decided to forgo the idea of a Positive Sec Status, tank it, and just engage things at random, like crazy, and see how many kills he can get.  It's Bloody April!  So far he's sitting on 76 kills and 28 losses.  Not the best efficiency, but hey, I welped 4 times in a row into one guy with the same ship, knowing that his ship (obviously, after the first try) could best mine, and 3 times (same deal) in a row to another guy.  It had to be done, those crews were just getting too rowdy for my liking.  I've let guys refit their ships before fighting me, obviously knowing they would tailor their ship to counter mine (adding T2 EM and Thermal Rigs on a Breacher to fight my Tormentor anyone?  He even posted his fit in local to boast about it-umm, congrats?)  In addition, I'm definitely branching out the hulls, fits, and compositions of most of the ships I am using in combat, so it's taking me a bit to adjust to the ways of flying each one.  It's a great, fun process learning and experiencing something new is always enjoyable!

So, where will this end?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I have, however, noticed something interesting that I hadn't really thought about at first.

Argos has always cared about his Sec Status.  He likes doing things other than PvPing, after all, which is one of the reasons that A Band Apart works so well for him.  As a side effect of this, however, is that Argos is fairly selective about his targets.  It's not that I care about losing ships, that doesn't bother me at all, it's more that he tends to try and approach fights that he thinks he will get an engagement out of.  That's a distinction that I think is very important.  Win or lose, he wants a fight for each time he takes a hit on his Sec Status, and if he doesn't think he'll get a fair shot at one, he won't go for it.

Who-the-hell-cares-about-Sec-Status Argos?  If he thinks you're stabbed, or will run, or will blob, or overmatch him, he doesn't care.  He'll welp again and again into your ship, just to have something to shoot at for a few seconds.  Not caring about his Sec Status opens up so many potentially good fights for him, simply because he can stop being so selective.  It's a strange sense of freedom that I hadn't really thought about before, even though I have an old PvP alt that did the same thing.  I suppose I don't have the same level of emotional attachment to him that I do with Argos, so it's not something I had ever considered.

Are you the same way with some of your characters?  How many do you think Argos will get before either the month ends, I need to take a break, or some crappy RL thing pops up to prevent me from killin' ships (and dying in them a lot as well hah)?

Time to undock.  Let's find out.


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