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Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Thoughts on Warp Core Stabs

Apparently Twitter is all, err, 'a Twit' with talk of Warp Core Stabs again today.  There are differing opinions on this, as with everything.  There are people that want to eliminate them from the game, those that want them only on certain ship types, those that want them left as they are, and just about every other thing you can (or can't) imagine.  My solution is an easy one.  CCP has proven they can implement it, so the baseline coding should already be there.  It helps eliminate people from being afk in a FW Plex, which is a complaint of many.  Also, it doesn't effect what you can fit them on, or their function in-game, so should have a minimal impact on those that use them, whether for hauling, moving around in Null/WHs, or anything else.  So what is it?


Make Warp Core Stabs an active module, one that cannot be activated within 30km of a Faction Warfare button. 

This ensures that it will have a minimal effect on haulers and movement with other ships, because as soon as you drop your gate cloak and start to align, you should already be activating any active tanking mods you have fitted, that or your cloak.  Yes, WCSs would be an additional thing you have to activate, but there shouldn't be such a delay in activation that you would get caught in a situation you would have previously avoided.

Also, this addresses the complaint that WCSs are used in FW to afk mine the plexes.  Feel free to fit your ships with WCSs, sure, but if you are close enough to run the timer down, you aren't far enough away to activate your stabs and run away.  You can also still activate all of your weapons, but you have sacrificed potential DPS mods or tank mods on something that might not help you at all.  That is balance.  It's a choice you have to make.  EvE is a game about choices and consequences, and instead of limiting them with this new way of module usage, it actually expands the options and choices you have to make, which can help generate content for us all. 

Again, CCP has already proven they can implement all of this.  Cloaks can't be activated within 30km of the button in a plex.  You can fit one, sure, but you still have to pay attention and get out to range to activate it if you do.  Turning a module into an active one?  Sure, it will involve work, but obviously we have active modules so there shouldn't be too much legacy code to work through.

That's pretty much it from me on the subject.  What do you think?  Is it a good idea, a bad idea?  Let me know what you think.



  1. Seems simple, sounds good.


    Rob K.

    Gotta say, I can't really see the problem Rixx has with WCS. Maybe I'm just a dirty WCS abuser, who needs an intervention....


    1. Rob, I think the issue some people have with Warp Core Stabs is that it allows someone to PASSIVELY maintain the ability to run away, even when at times it is obvious that people are AFK. If it was an active thing like D-Scanning for threats or moving out of plexing range to have them active, people might feel differently about it. I think it's the idea that you can go AFK, listen for a sound, then escape without actually even being engaged in the game that people have issues with. After all, even High-Sec miners can get ganked in a belt if they are AFK rather easily, whereas in LowSec-LOWSEC-it's basically easier to be AFK and still avoid a fight or gank in a Plex due to this mechanic.