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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

'A Fight'

Below is a bit of EvE Poetry, written, quite badly, by me.  Apologies for the lack of proper composition heh.

'A Fight'

D-Scan shows my target,
Lone Atron drifting, drifting.
A faint hum sounds in my pod,
Engines fire the gate and I approach.

Alarm! Alarm!
A Huginn, quiet, stealthy,
A trap, and I have fallen.

In my pod I feel it all;
Shields fail with a flicker,
Armor sheds itself like
Layers of skin flaking away in a sandstorm.

Fire, fire,
It burns, but only in my mind.
Hull is rupturing, and I know
I am lost.

My pod seems to float,
And a soothing blue light envelopes me.
A flash, and for a moment I feel cold;
Then nothing.

I am blind,
Except for black, and the Darkness.
It passes in an instant;
I open my eyes, and I live.


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