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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blobs, BLOBS!

The other day I was roaming with a friend of mine, me in a Jaguar (my first time flying one in PvP!) and him in a Svipul.  We figured we'd do some dual roaming and see if we could find anything decent.  We got a few kills, but then?  Then, we actually found another Svipul on D-Scan.  Score!  I warped in first to try and tackle the guy, but he managed to warp off and escape before I could land point.  As we were preparing to warp out ourselves however, this happened: . I'll admit; this pilot took us completely by surprise.  While we had initially seen him on D-Scan, we never imagined he'd warp to us!  We pointed him as soon as we noticed him land on the field, and he of course died.  Then, he promptly accused of us blobbing him.  He went on quite a nice little rant.  I was honestly taken aback at this.  We were only dual roaming so I hadn't considered us a 'blob', and he was the one who warped into us-we weren't even hunting him at the time!  What I found most amusing is that shortly thereafter, he did this to an Alliance mate of mine: .  He apparently had a problem when he warped into two of us and died, but he also apparently had ZERO problem with participating in a 6 v 1 on another pilot.

I don't bring this up to shame any party-in fact, I bring it up to ask a question.  Why are people so adverse to blobbing when it happens to them, but then are apparently so willing to do it others?

Honestly, I think it's a fairly simple explanation.  Many people in LowSec prefer 1 v 1's.  The problem is, most people have gotten to the point that they expect their 1v1 to turn into them getting slaughtered by 3-5 other people that warp into the fight.  That, or for their opponent to be linked, or be using 1 billion+ ISK implants, or using drugs etc. etc. etc.  People don't expect a fight to be 'fair' or 'even' anymore (if there was ever really such a thing in EvE-something that I personally doubt).  They figure that if they are getting blobbed, why should they feel bad when they do it to others?  It's the rationale that 'everyone else is doing it'.

I'm not here to say 'everyone stop blobbing and it'll just go away'.  I don't believe that.  For every pilot that wants to 1 v 1, there are at least as many that want kills so badly they'll 30 v 1 if they have to as long as they get a 'kill' and don't lose their ship.  It's all about 'fear of loss' after all, and we as humans, inside game and out, are programmed to do what is necessary to avoid that.  To expect us to completely drop that instinct just because we are playing a game isn't realistic.  What I am saying is that as far as blobs go, we all just need to stop getting upset by it when it happens to us.  If you play enough, and undock and fight enough, guess what?  For every 6 v 1 you die to, you'll probably get in on a 3 or 4 v 1 kill.  Your kills will probably, eventually, even out. 

While we always try to post 'gf' in Local, we rarely ever get a 'fair' fight, as the idea of a 'fair fight' is mostly an illusion.  It doesn't really exist.  We all analyse our target before we even warp to them, trying to figure our chances of winning based on experience.  What can our ship do?  What can theirs do?  How is mine fit?  How is theirs likely fit?  It's a gamble, a chance, and that's the part that can be exhilarating.  The person on the other side of our warp is probably doing the same things!  One of us fails in our analysis, tactics or piloting and unless the fight ends in a draw, is destroyed.  We enter fights with the intent on killing another players ship while not losing our own.  In combat, despite what people might wish, there are no 'Rules'.  Almost everyone has blobbed before, just as almost everyone has been blobbed.

The point of this post?  I suppose it's simply to say that accusing each other doesn't do any good.  We are with very few exceptions, all equally guilty!  My advice?  Go for the next fight without hesitation, learn from each engagement, don't get discouraged, and above all Keep Flying!


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  1. Just sounds like a good ol' fashioned trolling to me.