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Thursday, March 5, 2015

For Posterity

I'm changing Argos' Bio in-game shortly.  While this doesn't matter to most people (including me, to a certain extent), I am putting his old Bio on this here Blog so I can have it saved for the future.  That's it.

Corporation Pub Channel: EVEOGANDA

Corps. Diplomat for Stay Frosty.

Standard Stuff:

*  I do not usually do Agreed Upon 1v1's however if I agree to one it will ALWAYS be honored on my side.
*  I do not engage in duels.  If you want to PvP, risk shooting me in HighSec or just hunt me down in Low or Null.
*  I rarely ransom people, but if I do, it will be honored.
*  Link and Drug Free - Just Say No

Call me an Anarchist or simply an Evil Capsuleer if you wish.  You can insist that I am wrong for letting morals slide for easy pay and pleasure.  Condemn me if you will, but while I slip into my cabin with 10 mill ISK a shot whiskey served to me by a lovely Amarrian Slave Girl, you will be floating in a rusted out Rifter with second hand guns, all because you still cling to the quaint notion of 'Playing by the Rules'.

This is New Eden, not the Old 'Earth' of Legend.  The Rules are what we make them.

[19:37:57] Joffy Aulx-Gao > Dead playboy girls are still playboy girls

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